Water Sports Activities You Can Try in Florida

jetpackWhen planning a visit to Florida, you can enjoy a broad range of fun and unique water sports. From kayaking to deep sea fishing, the sunshine state of Florida offers visitors a lot of options. Florida has everything you need, from the legendary palm beach resort to stay at the Breakers. When tired from these sports, you can end the day with a trip to the spa. The city has impeccably choreographed service with a diversity of dining experiences that deliver menus with a reflection of discerning tastes and unflinching quality.

The turquoise waters sitting off the coast of Florida offer a lot of fun and thrill for all ages and levels. There is adrenaline full speed boat rides to take you to the tough and challenging rides in the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t forget to ensure your speed boat company has access to a reputable emergency service such as Bel Air Tow Truck in case of automobile break down. Apart from speed boats, you can go on high-flying para-sailing trips, go scuba diving, waters running or jet skiing.

Florida offers a real water sports location for everyone and here are some of the sports you can participate in.

Go Scuba Diving in Three Sisters Spring Park

three sisters spring parkIf you have ever dreamed of scuba diving or snorkeling, then there is no better place to go than at the calm waters of three sisters spring park. This park is located near the West Coast of Florida, about 90 minutes north of Tampa. It is a renowned destination for boating, eco tours, and diving, with the springs presenting a perfect place for a nature walk. There are scuba diving and snorkeling classes, and the good news is that you can learn these two to a mastery level, just in a single day. After spending your morning in the waters, you will be able to embark on a personal adventure through the springs in the evening.

Kayaking on Florida’s Space Coast

The northern space coast of Florida offers ideal conditions for an excellent kayaking experience. Imagine a kayaking adventure through a fair land of glowing blue-green waters where fish and dolphins appear strangely illuminated beneath the sky – that’s what space coast presents. There are tiny microorganisms known as dinoflagellates that are responsible for bringing this glowing effect. They create a magical light show in the water and most people like kayaking in space coast due to this experience.

Stand up Paddle Boarding

Florida features miles of beaches and seemingly endless waters for stand up paddle boarding. This city has become a top destination for popular waters sports across the state. With stand up paddle boarding, you essentially stand on a paddle board and slowly navigating calm waters with a long oar. Regardless of if you’re a seasoned veteran or a novice to this sport, you are assured to find paddle boarding to be an exciting game, once on your tour to Florida. One of the best places that offer stand up paddle boarding is Daytona Beach.

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