The Ultimate Guide to Touring Florida

OrlandoThere is only one reason why Florida is one of the most visited states in America: it has so much in it for the local and foreign tourist. It is naturally a wonderland that is filled with numerous options that can suit any personal taste. Some of the sites are natural scenery, while the rest are made by people. Either way, you do not want to miss these eye-catching situates that will keep you wanting to go back anytime. This article will discuss some of the areas you can tour in the State of Florida during your visit.


Make no mistake; this is the capital of tourism in Florida. Even though it is located at the center of the state, away from the famous beaches, there is no denying that plenty of fun activities can be done here. Let’s dive straight to the Disney World. Did you know that Walt calls this home? Besides, several entertainment centers like Universal Studios are located here. There are numerous places you can enjoy nice movies too. You can also visit Kissimmee to for some throwback experience near the Old Town. Orlando city is a perfect shopping center too with excellent malls all over.



Do you love cultural diversity? Then you certainly love Miami! The first place you would want to visit in Miami is Little Havana where you will meet very wonderful people and great dishes. This is a nice place especially for those who love the Spanish culture. You are not stopping here, are you? Beyond this place, you will find the Bayside Mall, a popular open-air market where you can do some unique shopping and enjoy great shows depending on the time of your visit. You can grab a burger and sit somewhere on the bay to watch the boats and tides rolling. This place is a true fascination. And the food! Miami is never short of some Cuban delicacy! You will certainly enjoy.



In Florida, you can switch on your GPS on one afternoon and head south. When you feel the presence of a swamp, you have gotten there; it’s called the Everglades. It is just a favorite for the nature lovers. You will find plenty of gators so you will need to be careful. But given the kind of experience you will have, it’s just a small price worth paying.


St Augustine

This city is as old as Florida itself! In fact, it existed at the time when the state was referred to as the New World. In short, it is a historical city that will make you learn the history of the state and that of the country at large. Assuredly, you won’ get bored if you are a history and culture lover.


The Keys

This is a single long bridge that you can ride on to travel to the rest of the Florida Keys. The final stop will undoubtedly be Key West, which hosts Ernest Hemingway. It is a unique place where you will have all sort of fun, ranging from basking in the sand, sun and of course some surfing activities. Be sure to charge your phone; you are going to take a few Instagram pics!

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