What You Need to Know About Customer Support

Customer support refers to the process of solving customer challenges and pain points using different channels such via phone, live chat, emails, social media among others. Every interaction support reps have with customers should be initiated and ended by the customer. There is a need for businesses to put a lot of interaction on support teams just like carpet cleaning businesses do. For the success of your business and its long term growth, you must always aim at delighting your customers.

Keeping your customers around for the long run is important due to how expensive it is to acquire new customers. It continues to become more expensive to acquire new customers as compared to retaining new ones. When you are looking for ways to improve customer support teams and building your teams from scratch, it is important to recognize the structure of your team.

Customer Support Responsibilities

There are different activities customer support representatives do on a day to day basis to enhance their operations. Regardless of the industry, you are involved in, there are some types of responsibilities that will be considered universal for the success of any business. At the most basic level, your support teams should be able to perform the following;

– Answer customer phone calls.

– Reply to email requests and questions

– Operate live chat platforms and work on customer requests

– Write and publish informative content on frequently asked questions on what customers need.

– Assist in onboarding and training of new hires so that they can get aligned with team responsibilities.

Customer Support Channels

There is a need for businesses to interact with their customers at the places where customers are. Today, different customer support channels can be key to helping businesses push their agenda. Phone as a channel provides customers with the help they need via phone lines that are managed by customer support channels.

Email ensures your customer support team have a universal email inbox where inquiries and questions can be sent in by customers who are looking for solutions. There are also live chats to managing discussions support has with customers. Social media channels such as Twitter, Instagram among others present a useful way of interacting with customers via social channels.

Some important customer support skills can help you in the delivery of your tasks. Communication is one of the most important skills you will need. Whether it’s when chatting with a customer via support channels, escalating issues to a manager, relaying some feedback, among others, all rely on good communication.

Customer support teams should also have the required product expertise so that they can deliver expected results and answer all customer issues. Customer service teams also need to exercise a high level of empathy as they are required to keenly listen to customers and exercise solutions that meet customer demands. Mental toughness and patience are also important and the key to delivering above-average customer service. Ensure you make the right hires that can deliver exceptional customer service experiences.

Sure Ways to Create an Exceptional Customer Service

Your company’s service teams are no longer an added benefit that comes after purchase. More than two-thirds of businesses such as Vienna landscaping are now prioritizing customer service experiences to distinguish themselves from other competitors in their industry. Fundamentally, the ideal customer experience is one in which the customer reaches their ideal customer outcome with a little friction as possible. The ideal customer experiences will vary from one customer to the other.

When looking to create an exceptional service experience, here are some of the aspects to look into.

Make your customer feel special

Every interaction will necessitate revolving around the concept of individual value, mutual respect, and shared vision. You need to understand that your customers are more than a transaction to your organization. Your time and money allow you to continue to pursue your mission. Understand that the journey of a customer as a person is part of your journey as a business.

It will go beyond their expectations

Setting expectations is an integral part of any customer service. The most important thing with any expectations is ensuring you can meet such expectations.  If you fail to deliver to your customers, you will create a bad experience. If you deliver, you will fulfill what customers need and you will be meeting their expectations. Your customers will praise you if you deliver an excellent job.

Do more than competition

Delivering according to customer expectations will go beyond what your competitors can deliver. Exceptional customer service will not exist in a vacuum. If a customer knows the kind of experience he gets from a competitor and is equal or better than yours, you will not be delighting them the way they would expect. You need to always keep track of what your competitors are doing and deliver a lot of value.

There are different ways to create exceptional customer service experiences. You need to begin and end customer interactions with a thank you. This is one of the simplest solutions yet most effective when dealing with customers. Starting an interaction with thank you will show your customers that you appreciate them and you have chosen to be welcoming.

Employ effective social media strategies

Social media provides more opportunities for creating personal connections than any other publicly available resource. Such platforms give individuals a chance to comment, share and demonstrate any interest they have with your business and the products you offer. You need to leverage the personal touch social media adds to your customer experience. You need to use social media to make your customers feel like part of your business.

Talk to your customers where they are

There is a need for proactive post interaction and post-visit follow ups to get customer contact information. Doing so is vital for the success of your customer experience strategy. Making such calls and messages create vital opportunities to review all benefits of your customer potential and the benefits they bring to your business. You need to be proactive in getting feedback from your customers as well. 

Ultimate Timeline of Google Algorithm Updates

Google is a search engine that is imperative to the success of your web content. However, the way the search engine operates and works to display search results leaves search engine experts guessing on how the algorithm works. When you search a query such as best towing service in Ketterring, google will refer to its updated database of all businesses offering towing service in that region, and determine the best one that is worth to show the most relevant results.


Google search engine is ever-changing. Google never became the number one search engine in the world without prioritizing its user experience. It has achieved this leading position by continually updating its algorithm to meet the needs of its users. If your content doesn’t keep up with Google’s algorithm updates, you will risk losing valuable positions on a search engine that would greatly increase your chances of ranking.


Google Algorithm

Google search algorithms determine the results you see for each search term or query. These algorithms work behind the scenes to filter through web content, explore indexed pages for relevancy and quality, and return results that are most relevant to what is being searched. There have been many major Google algorithm updates and it’s worth mentioning some.


Google Panda 2011

Google released the Panda update in 2011 to combat thin content, plagiarized, and duplicate content that users were increasingly putting on the search engine. The Panda update gives each web page an internal quality score that attempts to mimic human qualification on how humans might respond to and rank a piece of content.


Google Penguin Update – 2012

The Penguin update was released in April 2012. It was released to combat the black hat link building techniques such as spammy links, link directories, and keyword staffing on anchor text. Before this update, link volume regardless of its quality had a heavy influence on how pages ranked on SERPs. Penguin works on a better understanding of how websites were earning their links and ensure that only high-quality links and relevant ones for that matter get the reward.


Google Hummingbird – 2013

Google released this update in 2013 to provide a more conversational human search experience. Google wanted to have a better understanding of the context of what people are searching for. The knowledge graph was introduced the year before but the Hummingbird update improved on this feature. This algorithm makes use of natural language processing that included semantic indexing, synonyms, and other features to intercept queries and produce relevant results


Google Mobilegeddon – 2015

With this update, it officially incorporated mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal. The update places a priority on mobile-friendliness or a site as on mobile. Sites that are not mobile-friendly get penalized or even removed from SERPs altogether. Mobilegeddon is yet another effort by Google to continue providing the best possible search experience for its users. When it comes to search on mobile devices, users should get the most relevant and timely results

Top 5 Adrenaline and Extreme Tours in Florida

Richard Petty RaceFlorida is one of the most visited places in the world for several reasons. It has so much to offer for every visitor, whether you are a local tourist or a foreigner. The place is a natural wonderland filled with amazing options that will certainly suit you. Be it nature walks, towing tours, racing, excursions, water-sport adventures, name all. Whether you like natural scenery or human-made comfort zones, you are well covered. There are numerous eye-catching situates that will help you attain the relaxation you have been yearning for. In this article, some adrenaline and extreme tours that you can enjoy in Florida are discussed. Continue reading

The Ultimate Guide to Touring Florida

OrlandoThere is only one reason why Florida is one of the most visited states in America: it has so much in it for the local and foreign tourist. It is naturally a wonderland that is filled with numerous options that can suit any personal taste. Some of the sites are natural scenery, while the rest are made by people. Either way, you do not want to miss these eye-catching situates that will keep you wanting to go back anytime. This article will discuss some of the areas you can tour in the State of Florida during your visit. Continue reading

Water Sports Activities You Can Try in Florida

jetpackWhen planning a visit to Florida, you can enjoy a broad range of fun and unique water sports. From kayaking to deep sea fishing, the sunshine state of Florida offers visitors a lot of options. Florida has everything you need, from the legendary palm beach resort to stay at the Breakers. When tired from these sports, you can end the day with a trip to the spa. The city has impeccably choreographed service with a diversity of dining experiences that deliver menus with a reflection of discerning tastes and unflinching quality.

The turquoise waters sitting off the coast of Florida offer a lot of fun and thrill for all ages and levels. There is adrenaline full speed boat rides to take you to the tough and challenging rides in the Gulf of Mexico. Don’t forget to ensure your speed boat company has access to a reputable emergency service such as Bel Air Tow Truck in case of automobile break down. Apart from speed boats, you can go on high-flying para-sailing trips, go scuba diving, waters running or jet skiing.

Florida offers a real water sports location for everyone and here are some of the sports you can participate in.

Continue reading

Best Road Trips You Can Take From Miami

biscayneThe best road trips from Miami can get you on getaways that give you a chance to see art and beaches and all these trips are less than six hours away. If you are looking for something fun to do this summer, besides sunbathing at Miami beaches, then you need to hit the road. You can discover amazing places in south Florida that are closely located to vacation destinations. While on the road, the terrain is fairly good and depending on the type of vehicle you hit the road with, you won’t necessarily need https://manassastowtruck.com/  services. Continue reading

Best Beaches to Explore in Florida

BiscayneWith more than 1200 miles of coastline, Florida is a year round destination attracting visitors all over the world. You can tour some of the best beaches in Florida on your family trip to one of the unique beaches Florida has. You can choose small secluded islands that are within reach to state parks, famous museums, and restaurants. Touring these places is quite easy and convenient if you book a limo service. Florida presents a lot of options for a fun-family thrill to play in the waters, relax under the sunshine, build sandcastles and have fun with the kids

The sunshine state is calling, and if you need a break away from your routine daily tasks, these are some of the awesome beaches you need to visit in Florida. Continue reading

Reasons You Need a Vacation in Florida

Welcome to Florida USA

Welcome to Florida USA

Florida, USA is one of the most vacationed spots in the world. People visit this great destination in search of fun, excitement, and sunshine. Though theme parks are the major attractions, Florida has much to offer. One of the best reasons to visit Florida is its oceanic expanse of 173,000 acres that encompass most of the Biscayne Bay, and the coral reefs south of Miami. Waters here are turquoise and crystal clear, making it ideal for boating, snorkeling, fishing, scuba diving and marine gazing.

There are a lot of amazing things to see and do in Florida, and we may not possibly list all of them. Here are some convincing reasons why you need to visit Florida. Continue reading

Florida resorts: Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort versus Marriott Stanton South Beach

One thing that many people are struggling with is to decide between Hilton Fort Lauderdale Beach Resort and Marriott Stanton South Beach resort in Florida. This is because this is both really popular resort destinations and there are many tourists each year that are booking at one of these resorts. If you want to book at one of these resorts, you might want to know which one is going to be best for you. Here is a comparison between the Hilton fort and the Marriott Stanton:

The price of these two resorts

The first thing that you might need to know is which one is the cheaper one to book at. It normally depends on the time of year that you are making your bookings, but mostly the Hilton Fort Lauderdale beach resort is a bit cheaper than Marriott Stanton South Beach resort.

The difference in prices isn’t so much, but if you are going to stay a couple of days, it might make a huge difference.

Activities available to choose from

If you are looking at the two resorts, you will find that the one is more in a great location for different activities than the other one. The location of Hilton Fort Lauderdale beach resort is much better; however, this doesn’t mean that the resort is better than the other one.

At Marriott Stanton resort, you will find activities like a full service spa, fitness center and a pool. Making this resort great if you are fitness expert and always looking for a fitness center when going on holiday.

How luxury the resort might be

The good news is that both these resorts and hotels are quite luxurious. So, if you are looking for a holiday resort that is offering luxury, then you can choose anyone of them. This is why it can be so hard to choose which resort you are going to make your booking at.

Other things you should know about the resorts

The one thing that the Marriott Stanton South beach resort has to offer that the other one doesn’t have, is the fact that they are pet friendly. You can take your dog with you when going to Marriott. They might have some rules about taking your pet with you, but Hilton Fort doesn’t allow any pets.

Hilton Fort Lauderdale beach resort or Marriott Stanton South Beach resort? Which one should you choose? There are a couple of differences between these two resorts, and you need to make sure what type of activities you are planning and knowing your budget before you can decide about which resort you are going to choose. Then, you will know which resort is going to be better for you and your family.